Saturday, 19 August 2017

Another update - Snipers and Legs.

Hello again. Another update.

The Halfling Snipers will be available as a set of five for £12.50 (+ Postage). The Exo Armour Legs will be available as a set of five for £10.00 (+ Postage).

The Halfling Snipers will have 25mm slotta bases supplied as standard. The Exo Armour legs will NOT have bases supplied.

I have bought a lot of 'large letter' boxes to keep postage costs down but will always send out miniatures as 'signed for'.

I will send to countries outside of the UK (apart from Italy - I have sent many parcels there and NONE of them have ever arrived so I refuse to take the risk any more... unless a 'guaranteed' service is used and that would be extremely expensive) and postage will be at cost.

I will be absorbing the packaging costs so any postal charges will be at cost (Royal Mail).

I currently have 26 sets of snipers that are ready to be sold and I will be checking through the Exo Armour Legs to see how many I can sell.

At the moment, I will have to ask for patience from anyone wishing to purchase any of these because I have 'real life' commitments that are currently dominating my life; namely a family member who has terminal cancer. That means that I can't guarantee to get to the post office very regularly. as a result, I will notify people when I have posted stuff so that they can get an idea of how long they will have to wait.

I am hoping that I will be able to get things rolling next week (from Tuesday or Wednesday) so if you are after some snipers or Exo Armour Legs, then you shouldn't have to wait much longer now.

The other thing I wanted to cover was how you can buy them. I don't have a shop and don't want to use EBay so the process will be a bit long winded (apologies):

1 - You email me with your requirements and where you are in the world (email address will be posted next update).
2 - I send you a reply with cost, including postage.
3 - You send me a reply accepting the cost and providing your Pay-Pal address and your postal address (or telling me that you don't want to continue).
4 - I send you a Pay-Pal payment request.
5 - You pay.
6 - I send it out as quickly as I am able.

Because this is a very small scale operation, I won't be investing in a shop just yet... I need to see how things go first. If this is a roaring success, then I may take the plunge but it is early days yet.

That about sums things up.

I will post another update next week.

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