Wednesday 23 August 2017

Exo Armour Legs For Sale

Exo Armour Legs.

The Exo Armour Legs are now Out of Stock. They are no longer available as a set of FIVE (all the same pose) as shown (there will be no bases supplied with these legs):

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They are designed to be used with the 'Tartaros' Terminator armour available from here (you will need to buy these separately in order to create your Exo armour):

When assembled, you should end up with something that looks a bit like this:

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The Exo Armour Legs are made of resin so will need to be washed prior to painting preparation. They will also need a certain amount of clean-up so modelling skill will be required (so these are not recommended for those under 13 years old).

The casting process also reduced the size of the legs by a small amount, so you may need to make small adjustments to them in order for them to fit properly. I have already made up a set of Exo Armour with these legs so I know that they work. Here is what I made with them:

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A set of five Exo Armour Legs Out of Stock and Out of Production.

For calculating shipping, these weigh about 25g. They will be sent as 'signed for, 1st class' and will be packed as a 'large letter'. They will be sent by Royal Mail and the prices for these services can be found here:

Remember to take into account that I will need to package them up so there will be the weight of packing materials that will vary so will affect postage costs.

NOTE - I will not send to Italy (due to bad experiences with the Italian postal system) but will send to most places around the world.

NOTE - I only accept Pay-Pal payments. No other option is available and if you try to ask about other options, I won't entertain the request.

If you would like to buy some of these Exo Armoured Legs, send an E-Mail to the following address, with your requirements and location in the world and I will respond as quickly as I can with a final price.

E-Mail Address:

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